Day 10 & 11

Hello, everyone!

I am still doing my no make-up challenge but as I stated before I will be just decreasing my usage. Today I am only wearing some concealer and darkening my eyebrows (because I tried to pluck them and that went astray).

Something that this challenge is doing is really less about the physical act of make-up wearing and more about boosting my self-confidence and esteem.

Something that I have noticed about this challenge is it has allowed me to renew the idea that people (and I would even say specifically women) should be valued based on their accomplishments rather than their outward appearance.

I have struggled with this in the past but this has given me the strength to begin to see myself in a new light.

Something that has always affected me in ways that I wish that it wouldn’t is peoples opinions. For example, I am the kind of person who enjoys trying new things. I just began taking the piano and rock climbing, simply for the reason that these things sounded fun.

People often judge me for trying new things. I’m not going to say who and honestly these people might not even have any malintent but it still effects my self-esteem tremendously and sometimes even gets me to stop. But somehow I am beginning to care less and less about what people think. It is very invigorating.

I will update how well I am doing with piano and bouldering. I am also considering trying to learn french, because why the hell not! If you think you can then to put simply you can!

Until next time,


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  1. In today’s society, it is very hard to be a strong women. The internet and media has made us feel as though if we don’t look what society thinks is beautiful then we have no value. Let us be transformed by the renewing of our minds. It all starts there

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