Day 8 & 9

So I’ve decided to be a little less harsh on myself. It is hard to quit something cold turkey. So instead of doing so, I’m just scaling back on make-up. Some days I really want to wear it because of a nice Easter dinner, or the first day of school etc. So on day 8 I didn’t wear any mascara or foundation and only wore some concealer on my problem areas. I’ve also refrained from wearing foundation on day 9 because I feel that is what is drying out my skin the most. I wore only mascara and concealer on day 9.

Not much to report on the weekend other than Easter and April Fools day being on the same day. I didn’t pull any pranks because of the fact that it was Easter but I did go to three different Easters with three different groups which was exhausting. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like to hurt peoples feelings so I would rather go to each and every Easter than risk offending someone. Kwan is not the same kind of person as I am, but he is nice enough to oblige my weird ways.

I am focusing slightly more on literature and my writing as I progress into this blog, mostly because of my love for it.

My next venture is to finish reading all of Jane Austen’s novels and ranking them. I am finished with Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Emma and I am reading Persuasion at the moment. I only have Sense and Sensibility and Manisfield Park next.

Also I am taking piano lessons. I used to play the piano a little bit and I’ve also played the claranette and guitar but I’ve always had a respect for the piano. I hope that it goes well. Wish me luck.

I am sorry if my posts are so sparce. I am starting spring term today so it has been a busy weekend.

My classes are:

1. Flux Magazine (University of Oregon publication)

2. Advanced News Editing

3. Final term of the Kidd Tutorial Program (Year-long sequence dedicated to creative writing)

4. CrossFit (Dear God help me)

5. Beginning Piano

I am working for the Daily Emerald as a book reviewer and at SAIT as a computer support technician.



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