Intermittent Fasting Results



So I tried fasting for a day and without going into too much detail for the time being let me just say that it was difficult but it worked!

I lost three pounds.

I’ve told people that I’ve been trying intermitten fasting and I’ve got conflicting comments. A lot of people think that it is dumb and that people just do it to feel special or that it is just a fad. I’ve also been told that it helps your stomach and can improve your mood. I’m not sure what to believe so I decided to try it for myself for awhile.

I have also done some research on this topic once I got so many conflicting opinions about the topic. Once I did some research I read many conflicting opinions about it. Great I thought. That doesn’t help at all.

My best friend does it because she was told by her docotor that it is great for detoxing and weight loss.

However, I’ve read on WebMD that it isn’t that great for you and that it can actually cause you to gain weight because of over eating and puts your body into starvation mode.

Something that I’m trying to ensure that I do is fast in a healthy way.  I am eating fruits and vegetables thoughout the day to add up to about 500 calories and I’m drink a lot of water so that I don’t become dehydrated. So far the results speak for themselves and I feel great. I worked out, but I ensure that I did have a snack beforehand (banana) and I ate dinner reguarly that night. I did end up eating more than I would have normally but overall I still consumed less calories for the day. The next day I didn’t feel at all hungrier than I would have normally. Well see how well this thing works out in the long run.

Here is a link to some long term data on intermittent fasting that was found:

Here is a link to an article by CNN about the long-term effects of intermittent fasting. CNN is under the impression that it can actually improve long-term health and cites a few studies that back-up this claim.

Also, something else to point out is that the sites that were against fasting mostly found that it’s not bad for you as long as you don’t have diabeties or are pregnant. They also reccomended that before fasting that you speak with a doctor to ensure that it is the right step for you to take with your eating habits. In general, everyone seems to agree (those against and for fasting) that as long as you are healthy before starting fasting and continue to drink water while you fast and ensure that you don’t fast for too long it is safe. Whether it works is up for debate.

I’m going to continute this to see how well it works for me, and I’ll update the results.

Normally I weigh 150 lbs. After a day of fasting I weighed 147.

(I also ran on the tredmill for about 20 minutes and burned 250 calories)



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