Day 5 of make-up challenge



So, I have some bad news. I relapsed. I wore make-up. I know I’m terrible, I can’t even go a week without make-up, but I would like to believe that this is more about the journey and less about results.

My fiance and I went to the coast and I just felt like I wanted to look pretty and I don’t look pretty (to myself) with just my bare face. I want to get to that point where I feel confident but I’m not there yet. I only wore a little, but I felt terrible about it after. I did learn some stuff though. The make-up hurt my face when I put it on. My skin must not have been used to it at this point and it actually hurt pretty bad, and also my fiance kept commenting about how beautiful I looked. It is kind of a nice feeling. It reminded me of when I wore a fancy dress for our anniversary and he was impressed by it. Really that’s what make-up should be for me. Something that I can wear if I want to, but not something I feel like I need to wear to feel beautiful.

I’m not going to be upset at myself over it because I am continuing my journey and wearing make-up one day won’t kill me.

Until next time.


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