Day 2 of make-up challenge


Today won’t be too difficult. I am snowboarding so most of my face will be covered by my face mask and snowboarding goggles anyway.

I will say that it is ridiculous that I still felt self-conscious about my face when I took my face mask off because why should I care about what these random people think of me? I’m just here to have fun, why do I care so much about what I look like? But I do. Also, they probably aren’t even looking at my face. If anything they are looking at my snowboarding.

Something nice that I noticed was how refreshed I felt as the wind and the snow brushed against my face. I felt clean, I felt new, I felt rejuvenated. This might sound ridiculous to you because it’s only make-up but I did. I felt more alive as I went down the mountain and I didn’t have to worry about wiping the sweat off my face or landing face first in the snow. I could just board and worry about not breaking my leg instead of superficial things such as if my make up was smearing.

Also, I was able to wake up at the same time as my fiance for once because I didn’t have to do my make-up which normally takes like 10+ minutes. It was a great feeling. I just did my hair, put my clothes on and went. I could actually help him get the snowboards on the roof this time because I was ready so much faster. Normally by the time that I am done with my make-up he has the snowboards on the roof, tea and lunch made, and it’s time for us to go.

Lastly, I did end up going over to my moms house, and she noticed that I looked tired. This was a little frustrating, but I just remembered that she would just have to get used to this new look and it would be fine. At least I looked tired and not sick. I’ve been worried about people thinking I look sick. I definitely have bags under my eyes. I’m not sure if this is just my face or if this is the effects of wearing make-up for 10+ years.

Make-up is damaging and it causes you to age faster. I know this and yet I still continue to wear it. I am hopeful by the end of this I will at least feel like I don’t need to wear it. I want to be able to be comfortable with my face and not stress out if I skip on make-up for a day.



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