Day 1 of make-up challenge


So today, wasn’t too difficult. Mostly because I didn’t see that many people. I saw my fiance, my cousin Dane and some random people when I went to breakfast and went to go bouldering (which by the way is super fun and everyone should try it). I didn’t feel great about myself. I looked in the mirror and constantly wanted to smear make-up on my face. I have a lot of imperfections and have recently broke out and have a few pimples because of it. I think this was because of stress, I started this whole thing during finals week which really is the worst idea ever but here I am, pimples and all.

My fiance said nice things of course, but that is because he loves me. He said I look beautiful no matter what, but the sad part about this is that even though I want to believe him a small part of me doesnt. A small part of me thinks that he is only saying this because he loves me. I think he would prefer me with make-up. He says he doesnt. I have a hard time beliving it when I look in the mirror. Even posting this on the internet makes me cringe and I feel as though I need to apologize to everyone that has to look at my face. It makes me very upset. Hopefully it will get better.

When I went bouldering with my fiance and my cousin Dane I realized that I didn’t even notice the difference, and luckily my cousin Dane didn’t either, or at least he didn’t seem to? He may have just been nice. There were a decent amount of people there and I don’t think that they treated me any differently then they normally would have. We made friends with someone else who was new there by the end of the night which was pretty great. We all practiced some gymnastics on the mats once our forearms were basically useless.

I did feel cleaner and it was refreshing to not have to worry about rubbing my eyes. I do think that my eyebrows need some work on them. I never wax them because I am always so busy that I don’t really have time. I pluck them on occasion but clearly I don’t look like the women in magazines.

I don’t feel the way that I want to about my face, but it also wasn’t a bad day. People didn’t even comment on my face which I found surprising.

Also, the reason that there are no pictures of me rock climbing is because my fiance is a butt munch.

Until next time!




  1. I think it applies! Something I like to try and do is to defamiliarize myself from cliches by looking at them in new or forgotten ways in order to find a meaning that is relevant and useful. What do you think?


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